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Selling Newer Products In Pharmaceutical Sales Drug Rep Jobs

Drug rep jobs can be very interesting and here is a common pharmaceutical sales scenario where the reps will try to convince doctors to use newer long acting drugs known as sustained release (SR) or long acting (LA) versions of older shortacting medications.  Short acting drugs do not last long in the bloodstream so they must be dosed three to four times per day while the new SR/LA forms require to be taken only once per day.  Long acting drugs are slowly released in the bloodstream resulting in c...


Why Chromatography Is An Important Technique In The Lab

Chromatography analysis is used to determine the presence and concentration of analytes in a sample. Chromatography refers to a set of laboratory methods and techniques for the separation of mixtures. It involves passing a mixture that dissolved in a mobile phase through a medium known as the stationary phase. This separates the analyte to be measured from other components of the mixture and allows it to be isolated. Chromatography may be preparatory or analytical in nature. Preparatory chromatography ...


The Proper Care and Sterilization of Anesthesia Equipment: Five Ways to Ensure Cleanliness

Anesthesia equipment is a crucial part of any surgery. Like other surgical tools, every piece of anesthesia equipment, including the breathing machine, must be sterilized. Missing even one small component or tool may introduce viruses or bacteria into a patient's system.Anesthesia equipment can be particularly tricky to properly clean and sterilize. This is especially true of tools like breathing machines which have multiple components like tubes and masks.Their very nature as contact instruments used for b...


Genetically-Modified Products: Harmful or Helpful?

Copyright (c) 2013 Morgan DSince their introduction, genetically-modified products have always been given significant media attention. This attention mainly focuses on its safety profile. This has led to public debates between opponents and proponents of utilization of genetically-modified products. These debates have mainly revolved around whether genetically-modified products are harmful or helpful to humans, other life forms in the planet, and the ecology . The thesis statement for this article is that ...


Scientific Terminology

Below are some quick introductions into two scientific terms, highly simplified to help you understand them to a better degree.Absolute ConfigurationThis is a way of denoting the absolute structure of an optical isomer. Two conventions are in use. The D-L convention relates the structure of the molecule to some reference molecule in the case of sugars and similar compounds, the dextrorotatory form of glyceraldehydes (HOCH2CH(OH)CHO). 2.3 dihdroxyproppanal) was used. The rule is as follows. Write the structu...


What Is Nanotechnology

Copyright (c) 2013 Morgan DNanotechnology is fundamentally the science of inventing things through manipulating the systems at the molecular and atomic level. This technology involves simple functions to be done in complex ways due to the extreme small scale level. Moreover this technology can be referred to as forecasting abilities of manufacturing products through bottom up approach by using variety of tools which ensure high performance of the products. In order to perceive the extent of depth of this te...


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